Sunday, November 8, 2015

Founder's Brewing Breakfast Stout

It's a Rainy Sunday here at the Pinhead Compound, but I have a nice Stout to keep me warm.  I finally was able to find this Founder's Brewing company beer in a local market.  It comes all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This one pours black as night and has a nice 1 1/2 to 2 finger mocha head.  A great label that shows a young boy enjoying some oatmeal.  Hey - I thought you couldn't have children represented on labels for alcoholic products - how the heck did they get around that!

Bringing it up to the nose, the aromas are of coffee and chocolate - two of my favorite things.  On the tongue, more coffee, but not your average Folgers.  This is the full roast and fully extracted flavours of Sumatra and Kona - hey this is the best cup of Java I've had in a few weeks.  But there is more - full roundness on the palate and a cooling finish that just can't be described.  Sure you've got some alcohol heat in there (8.3 %) and a bit of hops (60 IBU), but this one is smooth, smooth , smooth.  I would characterize this one as an excellent cup of coffee with a bit of Stout thrown in.

Beer Advocate ----->  100 points!

Founder's Brewing site -----> The Coffee Lover's consummate beer

Great stuff that you need to try.


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