Sunday, September 6, 2015

2012 Sobon Estates Cougar Hill Zinfandel

Loving the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Prepping a deep dish Chicago Style Pizza and picked out one of my favorite wines to go with it, a Sobon Estates Zinfandel.

The Sobon Estates Winery produces a number of Zinfandels - an Old Vine, a Rocky Top and the Cougar Hill, which I have the 2012 vintage opened.  Each is a bit different, with the Old Vine having the great jammy goodness that the age of the vines brings, the Rocky Top with a bit more dry minerality.  The Cougar Hill has a much more fruit forward character - bright tones of blackberry and plum, with a light body.  Should go well with the red sauce and the yeast of the dough.

If you love Zinfandels and have the opportunity to purchase any of the Sobon Zinfandels, I'd recommend you do, 

Sobon Website ----- > Special Microclimate

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