Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sound Brewery Poundage Porter

Greetings on this Easter Eve.  I will be a bit busy tomorrow chasing around the Easter Bunny, so I thought I would uncap another beer that made is back from my recent rip to Washington State.  This beer I picked up at the Laht Neppur Alehouse, as they had many Washington State beers on the retail side of the Alehouse.

This beer is dark brown with a small head of caramel.  The nose picks up some cocoa and coffee.  Ah yes, this one drinks really smooth with the chocolate hitting you right away and then some coffee and plum as it slides down.  Very nice Porter.  not the best I've had, but very solid.  I'll be happy to work my way through the bottle as it is only 5.9% alcohol.  

Sound Brewery Website ----- >  2012 World Beer Cup Silver medal Winner

Earlier today, I was out record shopping and the clerk at Delta Breeze records alerted me to the latest Sactown magazine (the local / regional magazine).  Seems that there is a Tower Records Documentary in the works called All Things Must Pass.  Nice article on the store (the original location became a sort of second home for me and I spent a ton of money there) and the magazine also includes an article that runs down the local rekkid stores - including my favorites Phono Select and Delta Breeze.  Have a great Bunny Day.

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