Sunday, April 12, 2015

2013 Charles Smith Boom Boom! Syrah

Boom Boom! It's a Syrah from Washington and it's exploding in my mouth.  The Syrah is from the Charles Smith Winery in Walla Walla.  This one made it into my checked luggage on that trip up to Walla Walla a few weeks ago and now it has made it's final journey into my glass.

The wine is a nice shade of black - very dark and inviting.  On the nose, a nice herbal earthy richness.  The first taste is full of blackberries and smoke.  Concentrated with a long finish - very nice!  This one should go well with the NY Steaks I'll be slapping on the grill in a bit.

Charles Smith website ----->  An explosive dark cherry bomb!

A review from the Savvy Lush -----> have it with a burger and fries

A promo video from the winery above - funny stuff

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