Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anchor Winter Wheat

Sunny but a bit chilly out here in California.  Have no fear, as I have a Winter Wheat to keep me warm, specifically Anchor Brewing Winter Wheat.  This beer is brewed seasonally by Anchor with five different wheats from all over the world, including one right in Anchor's backyard.  One of the varieties is a soft winter wheat grown in the Bay Area used primarily for Atisanal flatbeards, cakes and pastries (according to the Anchor website).  Artisanal - really Anchor? - isn't this Beer we are talking about....

This one pours jet black in the glass with a nice chocolaty cream head.  Smells like bread baking in the over - maybe a dark rye or something similiar - yes with some whole walnuts too.  On the tongue, it is surprisingly light with some nice dark cherry sweetness.  Very crisp and clean finish - kinda like a pilsner. A wonderful beer that I need to get more of  - before the season is up!

Anchor Steam website - Artisanal 

Bruguru review - An Excellent Beer Indeed

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