Sunday, September 7, 2014

Common Cider Company Hibiscus Saison

A hot afternoon out here on the Left Coast, perfect for a cool refreshing Cider.  This one is from the Common Cider Company of Auburn, California.  On the label they call it Drytown.  Really - a cider made in Drytown -- interesting.....

This cider pours a wonderful golden red color with the type of carbonation you see in a champagne - a small head that rapidly dissipates.  A nice stream of bubbles rise from the bottom of the glass as you work your way through the glass.  I've used a Champagne flute for the cider as ciders should be served in either a flute or a pilsner glass, but I thought the flute would show off the color of this Hibiscus Saison Cider well. Hibiscus - let's see that is a tropical flower that lends a sweet smell and a bit of red color to the cider.  The Saison element is mostly non-existent as you don't get the typical funky flavors that you get in a Saison beer. This one is a thirst quencher, but not as complex as I imagined.  One thing I do like - a low alcohol content (6.5%) that makes is easy to work your way through the 22 ounces. 

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