Sunday, March 16, 2014

Timothy Taylor's Landlord

The Landlord is poured and the games have begun!  After hearing about this beer on one of my favorite podcasts - Greg Lonesome's Rock N' Roll Manifesto, I decided to track down the Landlord by Timothy Taylor Brewery.  So glad I did - classic English Ale. Clear Toffee Caramel color with a bit of a head and some savory aromas of buttered toast with a bit of earthy hops greet the nose.  The taste is wonderfully balanced and a direct opposite of the heavy fruity IPAs that I have been enjoying recently.  I have to say it is a pleasant break and at 4.1% alcohol, I wish I had purchased another.  Alas, when I bought this one last weekend at the local Beer Shoppe, it was their last one.  Another shipment is due soon and I've learned that Bevmo might carry it locally.  Good News!

Timothy Taylor Landlord website ---- > I Fancy A Pint

Beer Advocate -----  4.1 average


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