Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stone Ruination IPA

Cold and a bit grey out today - perfect day to retire to the confines of the Pinhead Studios for some Pinball and IPA.  I've got the extra ball lit, 2 balls to play and 2406 points, but took a break to take a couple of photos of my second Ruination of the afternoon.  Looks like the 8.2% alcohol level is working it's way through my blood system as I forgot to turn the bottle so you can see the label!  That label is one of those painted on labels that I love - get it cold and it doesn't affect it.  Great choice of colors on the labels too- love the green and gold on the amber bottle.  Stone just does everything well - including the beer.  Really nice head that deflates into soft ridges and peaks of foam.  A very nice malt base with a killer selection of hops that make this one a true "Palate Wrecker".  One of Stone's best in my humble opinion.

Propoganda from the Brewery ------ >  Massive Hop Monster

L.A. Beer scene review -----> 2 or 3 in and you are toast

Here's more Propoganda in the form of a video:

Have a great week!

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