Saturday, February 1, 2014

Red Red Ale On A Saturday

A glorious afternoon out here on the Left Coast - almost a shame to adjourn to the dark depths of the pinhead studios to play some Palooka and try out the beer that I smuggled home from Portland a few weeks ago.  This one is from the Ninkasi brewery in Eugene Oregon.  I have never been disappointed with a beer from the brewery and this one keeps the streak alive.  Wonderful aromas and hop flavors from the Mosaic hops used in the beer. I think I might be smelling Peach and most definitely Mango.  Love this beer that is hazy as hell - maybe what brewers refer to as "Hop Haze".  Not sure but I'm thinking so.  It does not detract from the wonderful flavors of the hops and malts.  Excellent Red Ale!  Gonna give it five stars on the ole Untapped.

Mosaic hop info -----> Tropical Fruit

Ninkasi Website for the beer -----> Mango, Papaya, Pineapple

Beer Guy PDX review ----- > Creamy finish

A video review from the Homebrew Wednesday website below:

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