Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Belgium Trippel and a Mats Christmas!

Sunny and mild out here on the Left Coast - is is really almost January? - hard to tell as it has been a dry December.  Got a nice and Sunny brew poured to sample tonight - a New Belgium Trippel.  Received this as a gift, along with 5 other assorted beers as part of one of those sampler 6 packs that you can put together at World Market.  Others included were an Acme Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Anchor Liberty, Stone Ruination and Deschutes Mirror Pond - quite a nice gift. The one beer that intrigued me was the sixth beer - the Trippel.  This is a beer that I never would have picked out myself, as it proudly proclaims on the label that it is brewed with Coriander.  Really?  Sounds rather nasty - boy was I surprised!

The beer poured a nice Sunny amber with a very small head that bubbled away quickly. Wonderful malty goodness in the nose with no hint of the Coriander.  The taste is wonderful and the Coriander is very very subtle, giving the beer a mysterious complexity that is leaving me with a strange desire to go pick up a six pack of the beer.

New Belgium website -----> fruity esters

Beer Advocate score -----> 92 from the Bros

Here at the Pinhead Studios, it has been a Mats Christmas -

The family snuck out my Denver Riotfest poster and had it framed and "Mat" ed very nicely and also included the great Waxed Up Hair & Painted Shoes coffee table book released just last month by Jim Walsh.  Also, got a copy of the Songs For Slim 2 CD set - seems that Santa is a Mats fan!

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  1. Stumbled across your blog looking for Replacements Riotfest stuff. Love your came out great! Also, love your place would love to see some pictures of it overall.....the pinballs machines are excellent......and I forgot about the booze info! Keep up the good work!