Saturday, October 19, 2013

2011 Tuella Douro - Corked, Corked Wine on a Saturday....

Posting this on a Saturday, as I'll be winging my way up to Portland for a short trip tomorrow afternoon.  Working on the podcast this afternoon as well, so expect it to be released tomorrow morning.

One word for this wine - Corked!  Ya know, I was looking forward to a red from Portugal and this one looked promising sitting on the shelf at Trader Joe's.  This one was so corked, I couldn't even get an idea of the grape, a varietal that I have never tried before.  Too bad.

So info on cork taint from wiki - TCA has a characteristic odor, resembling a moldy newspaper....

Hope your afternoon is going better - I decided to crack open a Flipside and enjoy some pinball.


  1. Must be an isolated incident. I had a bottle of this Tuella Douro 2011 last night, that I've had in my rack for awhile, and was impressed. It is a solid red dinner wine which went well with our home made pizza. Trader Joes has been very responsive in replacing bad product, in my experience.

  2. I agree with DickWms. It's wonderful Douro red from the Symington Family Estates. It is imperative to open it a let it breathe for a while either using a decanter or simple pouring it into the glass letting it aerate for a while.

  3. Hi Dick and Lino - you convinced me - I'll be giving it another try next week - Cheers, Jerry