Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi IPA and Denver RiotFest Replacements Souvenirs

Please don't arrest me - I confess!  I smuggled a six pack of Ska Brewing Modus Operandi IPA in my checked luggage on my return trip from Denver last Sunday.  But hey - it was for a friend, officer.......or if you're a friendly Officer....

Seriously, I have one thing to say about this beer - WOW!  This IPA is almost as good as Ballast Point's Sculpin.  The Ska Brewing IPA has a bit of an edge in my mind as the can and website for the beer is playful and colorful, a bit of a contrast to the conservative images and website for Ballast Point.  I'm just a bit upset that I can't get this beer out in California.  Ska brewing, if you are listening, please distribute it out to us in Northern California - this is good stuff and will sell well!  Hey, your website says that you are distributing it to Arizona - just a state away......

The website (which I have a link to just below) is very well done and fun to peruse.  The little music player on the bottom (which doesn't start until you hit the start button - yes!) serves up some serious Ska - listening to The Toasters Big Red right now.

Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi ----> Pine Grove full of Grapefruit Trees

Beer Advocate ----- > Bros give it a 95?  Wow....

The beer is wonderful, with that great citrus nose that all good IPA's have.  This one is only 65 IBU, but the aromas of Pine and Grapefruit are really powerful.  The one aspect of this IPA that puts it over the top is the finish - really smooth for a beer this hoppy.  Hits you right up front with the olfactory punch, hesitates and then sneaks out the back alley leaving you wanting more - great stuff.

Some photos of the other stuff that came back with me on the trip out to Denver.  Love the "Left of the Dial" shirt and the RiotFest print is really nice.  Hard to see on the photo but it is hand printed on heavy paper. The printing is a bit sloppy (there are bits of the paint on the back of the poster), but that makes it even better!  What you don't see on the photo is that the silver paint is metallic, reflecting light and really enhancing the metallic look of the receiver.  This one will look great Mat-ted and framed hanging in the Pinhead Studios - so glad that I rolled it up and carried it on the plane to ensure it didn't get damaged.


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