Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sierra Nevada KellerWeis and Consequential Lyrics

Retreated to the Pinhead Studios for a little Pinball, a new Zine and a nice Hefeweizen.  The beer is a Kellerweis from the fine folks over at Sierra Nevada Brewery.  A classic Hefeweizen in the German open fermented style, this one is very refreshing on this hot summer day.  Banana, cloves and a distinct sourness makes this one Killer.

Sierra Nevada KellerWeis Website -----> Untamed, unfiltered and unafraid

Beer Advocate on the Kellerweis -----> 96

The Beer Trials -----> smooth and creamy

The Zine is Consequential Lyrics, a 24 page handwritten and copied / folded traditional Zine written by frequent Red Red Wine On A Sunday contributor Elle of the Cassettes and Chocolate Milk blog and podcast.  I cannot recommend this Zine in any other way than to say I have been motivated by the prose to submit my own Consequential Lyric to her effort.  What song will it be?  I think you already know the band, but I'll have to wait until September 21st to decide which song it will be......

A taste of the Zine - now head over to the site and get your own!

Consequential Lyrics Order Page -----> less than a dollar? get it now before they are gone

Consequential Lyrics Facebook page -----> 24 page A5 Zine

Cassettes and Chocolate Milk Blog -----> passionate pop antics

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