Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oskar Bues Brewery Deviant Dale's IPA

A gorgeous fall afternoon out here on the left coast.  Took a break from the football to play a bit of Pinball, crack open a can of IPA and listen to the latest album from the Bonnevilles.  What a great album by the Irish band and what a great beer from the Oksar Blues Brewery.  This one is Deviant Dale's IPA and clocks in at 8.0 % ABV and 85 on the IBU scale.  It won a Silver Award for IPA's in the Great American Beer Festival last year and is just awesome.  Big, huge head with the lovely peaks and valleys that get caught on your upper lip.  Hopped to the bejesus and with enough malt to balance it out, this one is best served a bit warmer that refrigerator temp, as the fine flavor notes will be better savored.  This one comes in a 16 ounce tall boy and is sold as a 4 pack.  Check out the video below, as it tells a bit of the story of the beer and the new canning line at the Oskar Blues Brewery.

 Below - some details on the package I received from Andy of the Bonnevilles.  A nice promo copy of the new Cd and a wonderful hand written note from the guitarist of the band.  Love the sticker that sealed the package!

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