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Ebay Rock 45's (9/23/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

XTC Science Friction $290.00

From the Auction:

HOLY GRAIL TIME! Here you have the original issue of the impossibly rare withdrawn debut 7" by XTC from 1977. This was pressed in very few copies. NOTE that this is the rare 7" (not the 12"!). Have a listen below if you don't know this! Two fantastic sides. Comes (as originally sent out to reviewers) with an A4 size "Virgin information" press release sheet and a xeroxed review published in Sounds in September 1977. Very seldom turns up for sale. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!

Wynonie Harris Good Rockin Tonight EP $272.09

From the Auction:

Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris -EP
King #KEP-260 (US pressing, 1954)

Very rare King EP in excellent shape!!
Side 1: good rockin' tonight + bloodshot eyes
Side 2: all she wants to do is rock + good morning judge

Small Faces Here Come The Nice $209.50

From the Auction:

Rare 7" French

Bobby Fuller Note Fade Away $200.00

From the Auction:

not fade away / nervous breakdown
Format: 45
Grade: EX
Category: rockabilly
Notes: rare fantastic 2-sided Texas rocker, absolute beautiful copy! borders NM
sm #15 paper label on B-side. 1 audible click at 35 seconds on NOT FADE AWAY

R.E.M. Radio Free Europe $199.99

From the Auction:

This is an extremely rare R.E.M. single on Hib-Tone records. This was not only the first single released by the band but also the first release by the short-lived Hib-Tone label. Must-have for any REM fan or record collector.

Here's an auction that I wish I had won - 65 punk 45's for $306 - just under $5 each!

Hi, this is a lot of 65 vintage Punk and related 45s from the 70's and early 80's. All are original pressings unless noted. All records grade in at VG++ to NEAR MINT unless noted. All picture sleeves grade in at VG+ to VG++ unless noted (only a few don't have picture sleeves). A few sleeves may have a small piece of clear tape on a corner or seam -- the previous owner was somewhat of a serial taper. That said, it does not interfere with the overall qulaity of the sleeves -- he was very discreet and neat when it came to his taping! All are UK pressings unless noted. This is more stuff from the big Punk / Alternative / 60's collection that I was lucky enough to get awhile back. And like most of the other stuff in the collection, these 45's are GORGEOUS -- the winning bidder will be VERY HAPPY. Here's the list: 1)WILLIE ALEXANDER - Kerouac- Bomp (US) 2)ANGELIC UPSTARTS - England - EMI 3)ANGELIC UPSTARTS - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - WB 4)ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Out Of Control - WB 5)ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - For You - WXYZ 6)ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80 - Central Park - A&M 7)AVANT GARDENER - 4 Song EP - Virgin 8)BOOMTOWN RATS - She's So Modern - Ensign 9)BUZZCOCKS - Spiral SCratch EP - New Hormones (second press w/ Howard Devoto's name mentioned on sleeve front) 10)BUZZCOCKS - Love You More - UA 11)BUZZCOCKS - Harmony In My Head - UA 12)BUZZCOCKS - Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore - UA 13)BUZZCOCKS - Strange Thing - IRS (US) 14)BUZZCOCKS - Running Free - IRS (US) 15)CELIA & THE MUTATIONS - You Better Believe Me - UA 16)CLASH - White Man In Hammersmith Palais - CBS 17)CLASH - Cost of Living EP - CBS 18)CLASH - The Call Up - CBS 19)CLASH - Radio Clash - CBS 20)COMSAT ANGELS - It's History - Polydor 21)DAMNED - Problem Child - Stiff 22)DAMNED - Generals - Bronze 23)DEAD KENNEDYS - Halloween - Alternative Tentacles (US) 24)DEVO - Jocko Homo - Booji Boy (US) 25)DEVO - Satisfaction - Booji Boy / Stiff (no pic sleeve) 26)DOOTZ - A.C.N.E. (I've Got Acne) - Sky (US, I think) 27)DOWNLINERS SECT - Show Biz - Raw 28)EATER - Get Your Yo Yo's Out - The Label (white vinyl) 29)EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - Live At The Marquee EP - Island 30)FLIPPER - The Old Lady That Swallowed The Fly - Subterranean (US - green vinyl) 31)FLYS - Waikiki Beach Refugees - EMI 32)GENERATION X- Valley of the Dolls - Chrysalis (clear vinyl) 33)GUN CLUB - Fire Of Love - Animal 34)GUN CLUB - Death Party - Animal 35)RICHARD HELL / NEON BOYS - 4 Song EP - Shake (US - Voidoids on one side, Neon Boys on the other - not sure when this came out) 36)RICHARD HELL - Kid With The Replaceable Head - Radar 37)JOY DIVISION - BBC-1 - Something Else ("Transmission" and "She's Lost Control", live from the BBC TV show "Something Else") 38)MODERN EON - Euthenics -Dindisc 39)MX-80 SOUND - O Type - Ralph (US) 40)999 - I'm Alive - Labritain 41)999 - Nasty Nasty - UA (no pic sleeve) 42)PENETRATION - Danger Signs - Virgin 43)PENETRATION - Life's A Gamble - Virgin 44)PORK DUKES - Filthy Nasty EP - Damaged Goods 45)PUBLIC IMAGE - Memories - Virgin 46)PUBLIC IMAGE - Flowers of Romance - Virgin 47)RADIO ACTORS - Nuclear Waste - Charly 48)RESIDENTS - Duck Stab - Ralph (US) 49)RUTS - Jah War - Virgin 50)RUTS - Something That I Said - Virgin 51)SHAM 69 - Tell The Children - Polydor 52)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Mittageisen - Polydor (GERMAN) 53)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - The Staircase Mystery - Polydor 54)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Cities In Dust - Polydor (with poster sleeve - poster has some pin-holes, minor taping) 55)SLICKEE BOYS - Here To Stay - Dacoit (US) 56)SPACE NEGROS - Maximum Contrast - Sounds Interesting (US -- sleeve is VG) 57)SPACE NEGROS - Have A Lovely Xmas - Jingle Jungle (US) 58)SUBTERRANEANS - My Flamingo - Demon 59)UK SUBS - Countdown - NEMS 60)ULTRAVOX - Young Savage - Island 61)ULTRAVOX - Slow Motion - Island (double 45) 62)ULTRAVOX - Live Retro - Island 63)VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES - Punk-A-Rama - Bomp (US - no pic sleeve) 64)WANKTONES - EP - Fountain Of Youth (US - pink vinyl - Punkabilly) 65)WAYNE COUNTY - Blatantly Offensive EP - Safari (brown vinyl - sleeve VG, record VG+).

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