Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #39 - I.O.U.

Cathartic, Brash, Humorous, Visceral, Manic, Passionate and Intense - yeah you could use those words when describing the subject of this episode, but ya only need just one - Awesome. Tonight we explore the music of the Columbus, Ohio band the New Bomb Turks. Sit back, relax and prepare yourself for an aural assault.

Here's the Playlist:

Jukebox Lean
New Bomb Turks
Scared Straight

Girl Can Help It
New Bomb Turks
Information Highway Revisited

You Gotta Burn
The Dwarves
Are Young And Good Looking
Dos Coyotes

The Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me

New Bomb Turks
Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains
Citizene interview of Eric Davidson

SS 396
The Untamed Youth
Estrus Gearbox

Killboy Powerhead
Hornet Pinata

Mr. Suit
New Bomb Turks
Destroy oh Boy!!
Suggested by Furry Hamster

Bottle Island
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
Split Single with Great Plains

Polyester Thinking Cap
New Bomb Turks
Enpty 7"
Pissing Out the Poison LP
Suggested by Jake from the band APA State Mental and Jake's Inferno

I Need Somebody
Iggy Pop & the Stooges
New Rose French 7"
Raw Power LP

Like Robots
The Marked Men
Dirtnap 7"

All Down The Line
The Rolling Stones
BMG 7"
Exile On Main Street LP

Hate to Say I Told You So
The Hives
Gearhead 7"
Veni Vidi Vicious LP

Davey Crockett
Thee Headcoats
Sub Pop 7"
The Kids Are All Square LP

Boss Hoss
The Sonics
Etiquette 7"
Psycho-Sonics LP

Crazy Hazy Kisses
Flat Duo Jets
IRS 7"

Murder In My Heart
Home Blitz
Almost Ready 7"

Summer Romance
New Bomb Turks
Get Hip 7"
Pissing Out the Poison LP

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Next week,
it's an all covers show, so if ya got any old favorites, let me know. Heck, new favorites are good too!

For RRW #41, I'll be dusting off the Red Red Wine On A Sunday Time Machine and setting the coordinates for 1984, so if you have any favorite songs or bands from that year, send me an e-mail and I'll be sure to include them.

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