Sunday, April 25, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #491 - Nightclub Jitters

Time for some Favorites - this week it's Punk, Rockabilly, Garage and Ska!

Here's the Playlist:

Sunny Afternoon
The Kinks
Face To Face

The Clash
The Clash 
Suggested by Boyd

Don't Push Me Around
The Zeroes
Don't Push Me Around (Rare & Unreleased Classics From '77)

Pay To Cum
Bad Brains
Bad Brains
Suggested by Tom

Mean, Mean Man
Wanda Jackson
Rock N Roll Girls 

Rockin' Bones
Ronnie Dawson
Born Bad, Volume One

Doll Hut
The Pontiacs Brothers
Fiesta En La Biblioteca

My G.T.O.
500 Miles To Glory

Wiley Coyote
Mighty Caesers
English Punk Rock Explosion!!

Hank's Last Ride
Mustang Lightning
Mustang Lightning
Thanks Dave

Rude Boy
The Wailing Wailers
The Wailing Wailers

The Specials
This Are Two Tone

We Do The Ska
Chris Murray Combo
Why So Rude

Rapists Behind The Scene
Mary Bell
Bellatrix Boadicea
Suggested by Kate

Adapted Mind
Hot Breath
Rubbery Lips

The Bronx

Nick Waterhouse
Promenade Blue

In Michoacan
Cool Ghouls
At George's Zoo

At A Loss
Matthew Sweet

Picasso's Octopuss
Izzy And The Black Trees
Trust No One

Everything Is Falling Apart
Teenage Fanclub
Endless Arcade

I Met the Stones
Dinosaur Jr.
Sweep It Into Space

Aliens In Our Midst
White Vinyl Grok Records 7"

Green Day
UK Reprise Records 7"

Come Out And Play (Keep'Em Separated)
The Offspring
Dutch Ignition Records 7"

High School Confidential (Alternate Take)
Jerry Lee Lewis
Norton 7"

Rock 'Round The Old Coral
House Brothers-Quartet With The Keeklickers
Brandt Records 7"

Looking Better Every Beer
The Stray Cats
EMI Records 7"
Suggested by Jer

Pretty Me
The Road Runners
Morocco 7"

Pink Cadillac
Calvin Johnson And The Snow-Tones
Arkham 7"

Talk Talk
Music Machine
Original Sound

Jamaica Ska
Ska Kings
Atlantic 7"

On My Radio
The Selector
Two-Tone 7"

Skankin' To The Beat
WTG Records 7"

Nightclub Jitters
The Replacements
Sire 7"

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Clips on the Show (from one of my favorite actors - John Cusack):

High Fidelity - Mixtape Rules
Being john Malkovich - Tiny door in my office
Say Anything - Kickboxer

Bed Music:

Hotfoot    Al Casey
Promene Bleu    Nick Waterhouse
The Continental Theme     The Boss Martians

Next week on the show, Beverage month starts with Refreshing Beverages - Water, Soda, Seltzers, etc.

In 2 Weeks, Beverage month continues as we explore Suds - you know Brewskis

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