Sunday, June 2, 2019

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #423 - Anywhere's Better Than Here (Live at the University Of Wisconsin)

It's Alive! Yes, its the Live show - all live all the time!  Thanks Darren!

Here's The Playlist:

I'm in Trouble (Live at Maxwell's)
The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986

I Can Change (Live)
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
Live At The Nick
Suggested by Jer

Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals
Gilda Radner
Live From New York 

Psycho Pharmacology (Live)
Paul Westerberg
Skyway To Buffalo Bootleg
From Steve's Archives!

Under My Thumb
The Rolling Stones
Got Live If You Want It! 

Shakin' All Over
The Who
Live At Leeds

Can't Wait Till 78 (Live)
The Wasps
No Spitting: 60 Classic Punk Tracks
Suggested By Steve

Rockaway Beach
It's Alive
Suggested by Darren

Rock And Roll All Nite

Sleeping In Blood City
The Gun Club
Danse Kalinda Boom
Suggested by Kate

Black Magick
Ty Segall
Live at the Terragram Ballroom
Sent in By Roving Recorder John

Gloria (Live)
Van Morrison
It's Too Late to Stop Now...
Suggested by Boyd

Mother Mary
Strangers In The Night

The Rocker
Thin Lizzy
Live And Dangerous
Suggested by Tom

Two Dollar Elvis
Left Lane Cruiser
Shake and Bake
Contributed by Tony

Why You Rat
The Aggrolites

Sex Jaguar
Guitar Wolf

Youre The One
Thanks Trevor!

This One's Gonna Be Hot
Geoff Palmer
Pulling Out All The Stops
Shout out to Geoff!!!!!!

Out Of Control
Cromm Fallon
Electric Bloom
Cheers Malibu Lou

Second Thoughts
Jeremy Porter

The Walk Offs
Jump In The Front Row
Thanks Scott!

Three Time's a Charm
Stray Cats

Amyl and The Sniffers
Amyl and The Sniffers

I Don't Care What You Do
Th' Losin' Streaks
This Band Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus

Run You Down
The Candy Snatchers
Moronic Pleasures
Thanks Oliver

Waiting For The End Of The World (Live)
Elvis Costello And The Attractions
Live At Hollywood High 7"

Gee Angel (Live)
Rykodisc 7"

Georgia Rae (Live)
John Hiatt
UK A&M 7"

Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Live)
The Kinks
UK Arista 7"

Anywhere's Better Than Here (Live)
The Replacements
Inconcerated Live 7"

Gates Of Steel
Dev-O Live
Warner 7"

Graduation Tears
Bobby Vinton
Epic 7"

Shoot To Thrill  (Live At River Plate)
Columbia 7"

Background Music:


Western Taipan

     All from the new Aggrolites album called REGGAE NOW! - thanks Boyd!

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I'll be up to the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks.....

The Theme next week is The 50 States (thanks Jake!)

I'll be back on /30 with the Best of 2019 So Far!

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