Sunday, November 25, 2018

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #405 - Dead Sick Of

It's Murder - so look Alive!

Here's the Playlist:

Maxwell Murder
And Out Come The Wolves

Dead Sick Of
Paul Westerberg
Dry Wood Garage

Hayday (Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, 2/4/86)
The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
Warren Zevon
Mr. Bad Example
Suggested by Boyd

Dead By The 7th Hole
Genital Hospital
Street Mummy

I Want My Baby Dead
The Manikins

Dead Meat (Killer Smog)
Beach Blvd.
Suggested by Jake

I Want My Baby... Dead?!
New Bomb Turks
Destroy oh Boy!!

Dead, Drunk And Naked
Drive-By Truckers
Southern Rock Opera
Suggested by Jer

City of the Dead
The Clash
Black Market Clash

So Cheap So Deadly

All The Cool Girls Are Dead
The Pink Spiders
The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over

Better Off Dead
History Of Portland Punk Vol. 1
Suggested by Jeff

Dead Girl
Rachel Stamp
Now I'm Nailed to Your Bedroom Wall I've Only Got Myself to Blame
Thanks to Kate

Dead Souls
Joy Division
Suggested by John

We Are the Dead
David Bowie
Diamond Dogs

Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back
Dead Ending
Class War Single
Suggested by Darren

Punks Not Dead
Punks Not Dead.

My Baby Is An Axe Murder From State Of Wisconsin
Stop Calling Me Frank
Spider In My Beer And Other Songs
Thanks to Malibu Lou

Dead End Man
Arthur Alexander
One Bar Left
Thanks to Tony

Long Way Home 
Soul Asylum
Twin Tone Years

Dead Inside
Suck It

Don't Do The Crime
Brad Marino
Bandcamp Single

Showers of Rain
Preacher Boy
The Rumble Strip

Green Blood
The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats
Green Blood

I Don't Wanna Go

Rumours and Gossip
The Interrupters
Fight the Good Fight

Murder City Mayhem
Timmy's Organism
Survival of the Fiendish

I Sell The Dead
Surfin' Wombatz
More Macabre Monstrosities

Man With The Dogs
Dead Kennedys
Alternative Tentacles ‎7"

Kill Surf City
Jesus And Mary Chain
Warner 7"

Dead In The Suburbs
The Briefs
Screaming Apple 7"

Killer Queen
German Electrola 7"

Kill Me Quick
Bag Of Hammers 7"

There She Goes
The La's
Go Discs 7"

Love Is Stronger Than Death
The The
Epic 7"

Movie Clips on the show:

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid trailer
Zed's Dead - Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
Spirits Of The Dead Trailer
So I Married An Axe Murderer - Move Yer Head clip

Background music the show:

Dead End     The Executioners

Dead Bug     Hi Fi & The Roadrunners
Deadline      The Challengers

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Next week,.the subject will be Alive.
in 2 weeks, it's time for the  Best of 2018.

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