Monday, May 2, 2016

Redox #13 - Reverse Status

Originally posted 1/10/10

Tonight we head over to Sioux Falls, catch up with Scott Hudson, meet up with the Myth later to catch a show in Cleveland and meet Kim Deal, who takes us All Over The World after she tunes the Car Radio to the 24 hour Pixies station.

All Over The World

Monkey Gone To Heaven (excerpt)
Don't Tell A Soul

Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack
Sent by Scott Hudson of the Ledge

Ten Percenter
Frank Black
Frank Black
Klinker Block Winery

Alex Eiffel
Suburban Home 7"
Sent by Dave of From The Burro

Hello Bastards
Measure (SA)
Songs About People... And Fruit n' Shit
Razorcake Interview

Surfer Rosa

Black Suit
Grand Duchy
Petits Fours

Car Radio
A Series of Sneaks

Two Cups of Tea
Star Fucking Hipsters
Until Were Dead

Bronze Cast
Shangri-La 7"
Crappin' You Negative LP

Geffen 7"
Weezer (Blue Album)LP

Head On
Jesus and Mary Chain
Blanco Y Negro 7"
Automatic LP

Threshold Apprehension
Frank Black
Cooking Vinyl 7"
Bluefinger LP

Surf Beat
Dick Dale
Capitol 7"
King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale And His Del-Tones

Stockin's & Shoes
Eddie Cochran
Liberty 7"
20th Anniversary LP

Devil Doll
Elektra 7"
More Fun In the New World LP

Reverse Status
Chris Mars
Horseshoes And Handgrenades LP

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