Sunday, March 27, 2016

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #306 - Lift Her Skirt

Here's the Playlist:

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Charlemagne In Sweatpants
The Hold Steady
Separation Sunday

Lift Her Skirt
The Replacements
1987-07-09: Moore Theater, Seattle, WA

Talent Show
The Replacements
Don't Tell a Soul

Dirty Jeans
Magic Dirt
What Are Rock Stars Doing Today
Suggested by Darren

Coffs Harbour Blues
Smell My Finger and Other Bits
Suggested by Jake of Jakes Inferno

Green Shirt
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Armed Forces
Suggested by John

Nag Nag Nag Nag
Art Brut
It's A Bit Complicated

The Ramones
I Don't Want To Grow Up single

Slogan On A Shirt
7 Seconds
Leave a Light on

Tartan Pants
Racey Roller

Put On Your Tight Pants
Soda Pop Kids
Write Home 

I Love My Leather Jacket
The Chills
I Love My Leather Jacket single 

Roger Miret And The Disasters
My Riot

Angel Dressed in Black
Warren Zevon
Mr. Bad Example
Suggested by Boyd

Dress Blues
Jason Isbell
Sirens Of The Ditch
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Pockets of Gold
Hail Citizen
Hail Citizen EP

You Owe Me A Heart
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Partner In Crime

If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)
Maria McKee
Pulp Fiction

I Killed The Barber
Dr Alimantado
Best Dressed Chicken In Town

Put Your Cat Clothes On
Brian Setzer
Rockabilly Riot Vol.1: A Tribute To Sun Records
Suggested by Kate

Take It Off
Midnight Woolf
I'll Be A Dog

Hands Are Tied
Bob Mould
Patch the Sky

Blood River
King Mud
Victory Motel Sessions

A Truer Heart
James Hunter Trio
Hold On

Good Whiskey
Letter To Louise EP

Fight Fire

Too Fast
Rock 'n' Roll Monkey & the Robots
Spooky Kooky Attic Static

Control Freak
Slow Faction
This Machine Kills Fascists EP

Jacket Hangs
The Blue Aeroplanes
Ensign 7"

Girl In A T-Shirt
ZZ Top
RCA 7"

Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)
Epic 7"

The Hardest Button To Button
The White Stripes
Third Man 7"

Terminally Twisted
Mean Jeans
It's Alive 7"

Sodium Pentathol Negative
IRS 7"

My New Shirt
The Pizzas
Phono Select 7"

The Band Wore Blue Shirts
Joe Jackson
A&M 7"

Background Music Tonight:

Los Straitjackets - Pacifica  Spinout 7"

The Delstars - 400 Hawaiian Shirts
Abigail Mead - Sniper (Full Metal Jacket soundtrack)

Clips this week:

Waynes World

Wayne (in his classic black t-shirt) and Garth see the Shitty Beatles

The Green Mile
Percy gets the Strightjacket from Tom Hanks and the gang

Taxi Driver
Deniro spouts out"Suck on this" in his Tanker jacket

The Wild Ones
Brando decides to stay in town with his bomber jacket and the girl

The Jacket
Adrien Brody is the victim of experimentation

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