Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finn River Cidery Habanero Cider

It's a fine Sunday out here on the Left Coast.  The daughters are back in school, football is in the preseason and it's time for some Cider.  Not just your run of the mill cider, this one has Habanero chilis!  Fermented by the Finn River Farm and Cidery, it is in the farm's Craft Ciders line.

The label states that "this is a a spicy sparkling cider with a balance of sweet apple and hot pepper." Balanced - not at all.  

All hot and spicy. The aroma closes the throat and the chilis make this cider just a vehicle for the Habanero, with no discerable cider flavor. I'll be sipping the rest of this one.

Hey - if you like habanero, this cider is for you!

Finn River website -----> chili heat and tart apple

A different point of view below:

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