Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ninkasi Venn Dortmund Lager

Greetings on this breezy and warm October afternoon.  Being that it is indeed October, it is time for a German style beer and no better brewery to brew this than one of my favorite from the Pacific Northwest.  Ninkasi brews lagers all year long, with their Pravda, Lux and Venn offerings at different intervals.  These are all part of the "Prismatic" series of lagers.

The Venn has a wonderful 2 finger bright white head and a gleamingly clear very light golden color.  The taste is of Saltines, with a wonderful bready goodness that this style really brings forward.  Just a bit of hop bitterness that translates to lemon and grass.  A clean and light finish - yes this one is a keeper.

Deliciously easy to drink ------>  Ninkasi site

Crisp Carbonation -----> Wiki for Dortmunder

This is gonna go great with the Brats and Sauerkraut simmering in the oven.

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