Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Double IPA

Whew - It's a Heat Wave - time for a Cold beer.  I've got a 22 ounce bomber from my favorite brewery Sierra Nevada opened up and ready to taste.  This one is decorated very nicely with lotsa info on the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp road tour (see link below).  Nice packaging and a great price - let's see if it tastes great too.

Pours a nice amber with a structured foamy head.  Smell of tropical fruits and pine.  Hmm - nice first taste with some Pineapple and caramel - finishes a wee bit too bitter for me.  Nice beer that lacks a bit of luster.  Lackluster is the word here.   Highly drinkable and don't worry, I won't be pouring this one out.  I love me some Sierra Nevada beers and have always honored them as one of the pioneers of the first craft beer revolution, but I won't be going back to get another of these.  But hey, it's limited, so I might not get a chance anyway.  If you have a choice out in the market, go with their Torpedo - that one is great!

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp propoganda -----> five hop varieties

Beer Dude Video Review below -

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