Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spine Bender Bitter on a Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all!  Kicking back this afternoon and getting ready to grill up some steaks for the family and the very best Mother my 2 daughters could have.  Poured an interesting homebrew brewed up by Brent at his Isolated Desert Compound Brewery.  This is a Bitter with a couple of extra hops thrown in - El Dorado and Ahtanum to be specific.  Love the malt profile and the hops are an great adjunct to that.  This beer is a collaboration between Brent and Greg Lonesome of the Rock N Roll Manifesto and I know they are making some changes to the second batch.  I think that it is great the way it is!  It will be interesting which direction they go, though.... If it was me I'd try a single hop variant with the Bitter profile and see what a bunch of Mosiac hops would taste like, but - hey - I'm no brewer....

Special thanks go out to Brent for the beer and I hope he likes the Ninkasi that I sent him in return.


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  1. Thanks for the nice review Jerry! I do like the Ninkasi. Hmmm, I'm wondering, Perhaps a RedWineSunday collaboration might be something to consider. Maybe I should order up a bunch of Mosaic hops...