Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Winter Ale On A Saturday

It's a fine Saturday evening out here on the Left Coast and I have a fine Winter Ale that is going down great.  Spent my Friday up in Portland but was back late last night - it is nice to be home!  I picked up a few souvenirs on my trip though - including the 22 oz craftbrew that you see above.  The brewery is Oakshire, which is located in Eugene Oregon, a bit east and south of Portland.  I've had the Overcast Expresso Stout from the brewery and it was very nice, so I thought I would pick up their Winter Ale.  This is called the Ill Tempered Gnome - great name!

Let's see, the website calls out 65 IBU, 6.8 % ABV and 15.5 Plato, but hey, I'm no Philosopher....  I have to say that the Overcast was a wee bit better, as this American Brown Ale is lacking a bit in my humble opinion.  Not to say that I am not enjoying it, but I have had some better Seasonal Brown Ales before (love the Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Ale).  The Gnome has a nice dark amber color and a wisp of a head.  Nice roasted malt flavors (brown sugar, chocolate and toffee).  Saving the second half of the bomber for dinner to go with some grilled Salmon and fingerling potatoes.

Oakshire website ------> Take a little Gnome home

Beer Guy PDX review -----> 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4

Hit up a few record stores while up in the The City Of Roses.  I had been to Music Millennium in the past and it is a great store (see photo above).  They have added a line of "Keep Portland Weird" merchandise - stickers, pint glasses, buttons, etc - pretty weird if ya ask me...  Also hit up Green Noise - the home of Dirtnap records.

A couple of new stores I found - Mississippi Records - freakin great for 7"ers! and Smut records - yes that is spelled correctly - strange that I didn't find any of those X-rated 45's there....


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