Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Triple

A gloriously bright crisp Sunday out here on the Left Coast.  Cracked open a La Fin Du Monde from the brewers up in Montreal known as Unibroue.  This one is about 9% abv, malt forward with a very small amount of hops.  Sweet short finish beckons you to take that next sip.  The Banana, Spice and yeasty notes overpower the alcohol to make it dang easy to drink.  This one lives up to the ratings on all the beer sites - highly recommended.

Unibroue website ------>  About The Legend

Beeradvocate ----->  100 points sez the Bros!

Yes - I know I poured it into a wine glass - so Sue Me, at 9% it is a wine.....

Post News

Received a nice package in the Post this last week - all the way from Sweden -the latest release from the South Harbour Ringers called Fat Acorn Sessions.  Thanks Matta!

How to get your own copy? ------> Amazon


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