Sunday, September 30, 2012

Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA

Greeting from California - it is a hot afternoon out here - close to 100 degrees and perfect for a brew.  Picked up a six pack of these last week and I'm down to my last one....   At 6.5% alcohol, this one is very hoppy and I can taste the alcohol burn.  Would like a bit more balance and I'm wondering if the sixer that I picked up was a bit long in the tooth.  This beer is just average and I was expecting more from this Speakasy Ales and Lager beer.  I'm sure I'll try some of their other offerings (the Payback Porter looks interesting), but there are many better American style IPAs out there.

The story on the 45?  It's from the Amoeba trip last weekend - Panic In Detroit is one of my favorite from the Thin White Duke and this UK reissue has a great picture sleeve.  It's siting in the A-7 slot of the Jukebox right now!

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