Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joseph Handler 2011 German Pfalz Riesling

Spending the afternoon picking out the songs for the second "Blue" episode of the podcast and uncorked a Riesling in a blue bottle for the occasion.  Additionally, it is a hot day out here on the left coast and a nice German Riesling is very refreshing when the temperature nears the century mark.

This one is from the Joseph Handler winery in the Pfalz wine region of Southern Germany.  At only 10.5 % alcohol, this wine is light and nicely balanced with just a hint of sweetness and a bit of acidity.  The flavors are characteristic of the varietal - green apple and honey up front and a very light finish - almost imperceptible.  At only $5 from my local Trader Joe's, I guess I shouldn't expect a knockout wine.  I might try another Riesling next time as this one is very subtle.  Hey, maybe you like your Riesling's that way - if so - this one is for you.

Some info on the Pfalz region of Germany- Palatinate


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