Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ebay Rock 45's (1/13/12)

     Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently
 along with the corresponding video so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

Fear    I Love Living In The City     $566.00

From the auction:

I Love Livin In The City / Now Your Dead (Must Bin Somthin You Said)

Matrix Numbers: LJ-101-A and LJ-101-B     QT-2
1978 Toxic Tunes     ASCAP

Keith Kessler    Don't Crowd Me    $493.88

From the Auction:

MONSTER 1968 Seattle WASHINGTON Garage-Punk… Most of you know the KILLER A-side from its appearance on the ‘Ear-Piercing Punk’ and ‘Teenage Shutdown #14’ comps…If not, structure sounds like that of Little Phil & The Nightshadows “60 Second Swinger” or the Sidewalks “99th Floor”-Vox Continental organ-Guitar combination-2 stellar and crude lead guitar breaks, great powerful and badazz lead vocal…Real DYNAMITE TOP 5 Punker…B side is sort of lightweight psych-pop. Comes with Pic Sleeve-Autographed by Keith Kessler, Label on A side autographed as well (see photo)…Autograph GUARANTEED authentic.

Jimmy Dale     Baby Doll    $482.00

From the Auction:

Q:Hi there, this is actually Jimmie Dale and I wrote and recorded this record, I was curious as to how to got ahold of one, I passed them out to radio stations and friends and family in the 50's but you just don't see many if any anymore, and you are in the Kentickiana area as am I. I would have never thought they would go for this amount back when I recorded. Thanks, Jimmie Dale

A:  Greetings Mr Dale, Good to hear from you! Your recordings on Saber and Farrall are popular worldwide. This has had bids from U.S., Switzerland, Germany, & France thus far. This one came from, along with an additional copy, an auction right in Jeffersonville, In. The auction had a group of promotional records from a local radio station. The prices went higher than I've ever seen for records at an local auction! I am a long time collector of local recording so I will be keeping the other copy in my collection. Sure wish I had another; it would be yours gratis. Through the years I have had the privilege of reuniting some local artists with recordings that they too, were left without a single copy of! Hopefully you were involved with and profited from the reissue on Starday. Best regards, Marty 

Controllers    Neutron Bomb    $295.00

From the Auction:

AMAZING ORiGiNAL pressing of The Controllers' 7" "Neutron Bomb" with "Killer Queers" on the flipside
RARE in this condition and comes SIGNED by Kid Spike on the sleeve!!!
What Records? U.S. ORiGiNaL - What 04

Bob Vaught and the Renegaids    Bo' Gater    $153.50

From the Auction:

Original pressing on IMPACT label 24. Songs are BO' GATER / CHURCH KEY TWIST. Features BARBARA ADKINS. name written on side A of record, nice lustre, a solid VG+

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