Sunday, November 20, 2011

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #116 - It's A Drag

Got some new music for you this week - the "Best" of 2011 - well, OK, some great stuff I like.....

Here's the Playlist:

I Need More
Spinning Wheel Motel
Suggested by Noland

Teardrops on My Pillow
Only in Dreams

Handicapped Hearts
High Tension Wires
Welcome New Machine

Los Angeles

Head Over Heels
Adventure Time

The Boy's Alright
All Chewed Up - get the vinyl

You Make The Sun Fry
Goodbye Bread

Quotes From An Unopened Letter
Raccoon Valley Recordings

Mind Eraser
Just Enjoy It

Murrietta's Head
Eleven Eleven

Get Lost
Bad As Me

Dead Friends
Life And Death

North Sentinel Island

Summer Of Indifference

Drag Me to the Curb
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno
Sunfried Dreams

Rat City
Rat City

John Lee Hooker For President
Ry Cooder
Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down

Everybody's In The Mood
Beyond The Sun

It's A Drag
One Man Mutiny

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Next week, the show will be more of 2011's best , but this time focused on the 7" format

In 2 weeks, Florida will be the focus - Florida bands, songs about Florida - you get the picture

If you have any songs to contribute to either of those shows, please e-mail me at:

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