Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #76 Live - Answering Machine

"Can I Call Ya?" "What is your number?" "Damn, I hate those answering machines!" Tonite's show is all about the Phone, so sit back, relax and listen - hey with the Real Punk Radio app, you can listen to it on your phone.

Here's the Playlist:

No Action
Elvis Costello
This Year's Model

Telephone Leave Me Alone
The Shods
Suggested By Greg Lonesome of PDR and the Rock and Roll Manifesto

Wazmo Nariz
Tele-Tele-Telephone / Wacker Drive 7"
Suggested By Lee
Drunken Dumb Show

Pick Up the Phone
Give Blood
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Mike Olin
Total Passover
Shlomo Rising
Suggested by JR

Answering Machine
The Replacements
Let it Be

Answering Machines
George Carlin
Complaints and Grievances

Telephone Girl
Electrified And Buried By The Sound
2008 Grand Vin De Bordeaux from Chateau de Seguin

Party Line
Johnny Fallin
A Capitol Rockabilly, Pt. 2

Your Wire's Been Tapped
Pigmeat Markham
Talkin' Trash ! Lookey Dookey - 78 minutes Of Non-Stop R'n'B Romp'n'Stomp 1956 - 1964

Pick It Up And Dial It
Pretty Together

Call Waiting
Black Tie Revue
Code Fun

Memphis, Tennessee
Chuck Berry
Chess Bue Chip Series 7"
The Chess Box LP

Music On Answering Machines
George Carlin
Complaints and Grievances

Party Line
The Kinks
Pye 7"
Face to Face LP

The Phone Call
Sire 7"
The Pretenders LP

Telephone Operator
Pete Shelley
Arista 7"
Homosapien LP

Hanging On The Telephone
Davila 666
Under The Covers, Volume #2 A Tribute to Paul Collins, Peter Case and Jack Lee
Volar Records Cassette

Get Off the Phone
The Heartbreakers
Beggar's Banquet 7"

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Next week, I've got a special secret surprise for you, so stay tuned for that.
In 2 weeks, it will be Valentine's Day, so it's all Girls, Girls, Girls.

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