Sunday, February 7, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #17 We're Coming Out

What a Massive Night, 1st we head over to Chicago for the Replacements last show, lay our Alibi down at Johnny Mathis's Feet, then head back to the Secret Santa Cruz for plenty of Hang Time, ultimately finding our Teenage Liberation in Minneapolis, all the while listening to the great American Music of The Hold Steady

Here's the Playlist:

Massive Nights
Hold Steady
Boys And Girls in America

Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
Hold Steady
Separation Sunday

I Will Dare
Last Show Ever (Live Bootleg July 4th, 1991 - Taste of Chicago)
Berryessa Gap Vineyards Malbec

Pay To Cum
Bad Brains
Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the '80s Underground

Johnny Mathis' Feet
American Music Club
Action Town Records

The Bridge
Loved Ones
Build & Burn

Oh Candy
Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick

We're Coming Out
Let It Be

No God Tonight
Spanish Gamble
It's All Coming Down

Waiting For an Alibi
Thin Lizzy
Vertigo 7"
Black Rose LP

Sometime To Return
Soul Asylum
Hang Time
UK A&M 7"

American Music
Violent Femmes
Reprise 7"
Why Do Birds Sing LP

Teenage Liberation
Hold Steady
Vagrant 7"
Non - LP track from Boys and Girls In America sessions

Eight Miles High
Husker Du
SST 7"
7 Inch Wonders of the World LP

Secret Santa Cruz
Lifter Puller
Heart Of A Champion 7"
Soft Rock LP
Let It Be story

Going Down
Stone Roses
Silvertone 7"

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Remember, send me your Husker related songs (by artists that influenced the band, contemporaries, and followers) for Red Red Wine on a Sunday #18. If ya feel like contributing, please send your picks to me by the February 5th and I'll include them!

For RRW #19, I'll be heading across the pond with another Britpop episode - so send me your suggestions for that episode (songs, stories, etc.).

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