Friday, May 29, 2020

Redox #229 - Flip, Flop and Fly

Originally Posted 5/25/14

I've succumbed to the Lure of the Silverball this episode!

Here's the Playlist:

Pins and Needles
City Babys Revenge
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno
Got You By The Balls
The Razor's Edge

Pinball Wizard
Nick Baratta

Flip, Flop, And Fly
The Replacements
1991-01-25 Tower Theater, Houston, TX
Riot Fire 
Down Under
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

Zero Sum 
Pinball Sessions

Pin Ball Baby
Harry Lee
Bison Bop The Bop That Never Stopped Volume 21

Flipped 4 U
Life Takes Too Long

The Roxbury Lanes
The Statics
Pinball Junkies

Drop It In The Slot
Tower Of Power 
Drop It In The Slot

Excusez moi, Mon Cherie
Lamont Cranston Band

Back When My Hair Was Short
Gunhill Road
Gunhill Road

Slick Chick
Jimmy Rogers
Don't Worry, Sing The Blues
St Louis Crawl
Pokey LaFarge
Pinball Sessions

Slick Chick in teardown mode - Real Pinball Guts!

Pinball Pinup
Fabulous Poodles
His Masters Choice
Suggested by Brent

BYO Split Series Vol 3 [UK]
Dirty Bird
Windy City Harmonizers
Kiss Me Deadly
Generation X
Live at the Paris Theatre '78 & '81

Johnny Silver's Ride
The New Breed Wants You!
Hey Jane 
The Pink Spiders  
Teenage Graffiti

Wood Chipper 
John Hiatt 
Mystic Pinball

I Flipped My Top
Johnny Redd 
Bison Bop
Ballad Of Fogbound Pinhead 
Thee Headcoatees 
The Kids Are All Square 
Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me 
First Base 
Pinball Sessions

Full Tilt Boogie 
Electrically Recorded Handmade Heavy Blues

Tic Boom 
King Kool 
Scuzz Bombe
Preorder the album here -----> Bandcamp

Old 97'S
Most Messed Up 
Suggested by Boyd

Hopes Up, Guard Down 
The Safes 
Record Heat
Mrs. Jackson
Nox Boys 
Nox Boys

London a Go-Go 
The DeRellas 
Slam Bam
Suggested by Kate

The Power (Of The Addams Family) 
Bobby Conn
Extra Ball Records 7"

Tilt City 
Pink Vinyl Get Hip 7"

Loose Times, Light Times 
Smash Your Face  
Prank 7"

Pinball Machine
Lonnie Irving 
Starday 7"

Heart Of Darkness 
Hoodoo Gurus 
Elektra 7"

It's A Boy 
Uncle Wiggly 
Vital Music 7"

See Me Feel Me 
The Who 
Decca 7"
Needles & Pins
The Ramones 
Sire 7"

Background music on the show tonight:

Pinball Wizard  Hayseed Dixie

Pinball Wizard  All The King's Tubas
Pinball Wizard  Sandy Nelson

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