Sunday, April 21, 2019

Redox #176 - I'm Not Sayin'

Originally Published on 3/24/13

The second Red episode featuring some Hot Lunch, Hasil Adkins, Redd Foxx, X, Minor Threat and another new one from the Replacements.

Here's the Playlist:

I See Red
More Fun in the New World
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos
If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)
Maria McKee
Pulp Fiction

Big Red Rocket of Love
It's Martini Time!
Red Headed Woman
Sonny Burgess
Songs The Cramps Taught Us - Vol. 2

Red Hot Ridinghood
Diagnosis Dee-Licous
Ruby Soho
And Out Come The Wolves
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Red Angel Dragnet
The Clash
Combat Rock
Red Tape

Red Tape
Circle Jerks
Group Sex
Redneck Society
7 Seconds
Skins, Brains, And Guts Ep

Seeing Red
Minor Threat
Complete Discography

When the Red Red Robin 
Al Jolson
The Jolson Story
Cold Blooded
Tim Armstrong
A Poet's Life
Suggested by Boyd

Red To Grey
Fear of God
Within The Veil
Suggested by Kate
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table In Hell
Red Hot Car
Hot Rod Pussy

Red Balloon
Small Faces
The Autumn Stone

Little Red Book
The Alphabetical Order
Sixties Rebellion Vol 8-Mondo Mutiny #1, The Love

Out Of The Red
Goo Goo Dolls
Hold Me Up

Red Light, Green Light
Ragged But Right
Crimson Moon
Dandy In The Underworld

Mess Around
Show World
Red In Tooth And Claw
The Ettes
Do You Want Power?

Pippi Longstocking (Is A Redheaded Bitch)
22 Songs You'll Never Want To Hear Again!

Maroon Town
Ska Wars
Suggested by Nolan of the Tanked
Red City Lights
Greetings From Heartbreak Key

When Fate Deals It's Mortal Blow
The Scientists
Blood Red River
I'm Not Sayin'
The Replacements
Songs For Slim
Handy Denny
Hot Lunch
Hot Lunch

Your Cheatin' Heart
Leon Redbone
Emerald City 7"

Soldier and the Sailor
Redd Foxx
Dootone 7"

Hasil Adkins
Big Red Satellite
Norton 7"

Red Rose 
Slash 7"

The Hippie and the Redneck
Hudon and Landry
Dore 7"

Red Hot
Robert Gordon
Private Stock 7"
Dead Kennedeys
Police Truck
Cherry Red 7"

Down Mit Der Fuzz
Thee Cormans
In The Red 7"

Arista 7"
Suggested by Tom T.

The backgound music on the show tonite is from the Crimson Ghosts album Some Kinda Hits

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