Sunday, April 8, 2018

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #382 - Don't Ask Why

What's your Philosophy?  I'll be exploring the subject tonight with some Bonnevilles, Mats and Pixies!

Here's the Playlist:

Where Is My Mind?
Surfer Rosa

Words of Reason
Rifle Sport
Voice of Reason

Don't Ask Why
The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash!

Northcote (So Hungover)
The Bedroom Philosopher
Songs from the 86 Tram
Suggested by Kate

I Failed Philosophy
The Hextalls
The Hextalls

John Butler Trio
Sunrise Over Sea
Contributed by Darren

Somewhere In The Between
Streetlight Manifesto
Somewhere In The Between
Suggested by Boyd

Peace of Mind

Karl Marx
Tommy Keene
International Pop Overthrow Vol. 7

Zen and the Art Of...
Micah Schnabel
I'm Dead, Serious
Suggested by Jer

Don't Forget Who You Are
Miles Kane
Don't Forget Who You Are

You're All the Reason I Need
John Hiatt
Mystic Pinball

All in the Mind
Judge Dread
Dreadmania - It's All In The Mind

We're All Gonna Die
Kasey Chambers
The Captain
Contributed by Tom T

I Think I'm Starting To Lose It
Frank Black & The Catholics
Suggested by Noland

Too Much Thinking
Black Tie Revue
Code Fun

Hot For Nietzsche
RockNRoll Machine

Born Yesterday

You're Not Alone
Andrew W.K.
You're Not Alone

Life Is...

The Poachers Pocket
The Bonnevilles
Dirty Photographs

Faustian Bargains (Live)
Imperial State Electric
Anywhere Loud 

Reason 41
The Alarm
IRS 7"

Bruces Song
Monty Python ‎
Charisma 7"

Journey To The Center Of Your Mind
The Amboy Dukes
Mainstream 7"

You Might Think
The Cars
Elektra 7"

My Way Of Thinking
UK Graduate 7"

This Time I Got a Reason
Trouble In Mind 7"

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3
Ian Dury And The Blockheads
Stiff 7"

You Can't Always Get What You Want
The Rolling Stones
London 7"

Clips on the Show:

Being There Trailer
12 Angry Men Trailer
Steve Martin - Philosophy Clip
The Truman Show Trailer

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